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Akhanda Yoga

Akhanda Yoga is a holistic, indivisible, entire, whole and unbroken tradition of Yoga with Hatha roots. In a mindful and compassionate setting students practice asanas (postures), pranayama (breath work), mantra, meditation and relaxation. These techniques help strengthen the body, mind and spirit, increase flexibility, open the heart, reduce stress, improve focus and concentration and invite joy, harmony, balance, love and light into our lives. Connection of breath and movement, a deeper internal awareness and smiling are encouraged during practice. These Akhanda Yoga classes are inspired by the philosophy and teachings of my teacher, Yogi Vishvketu of World Conscious Yoga Family.







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Tatiana Ishwari Nemchin, your certified yoga instructor in Ottawa


See what students are saying:

I have found the classes delightful as well as getting me on the road to stretching in ways I never thought of nor that I thought were possible.

-- Jim    © Tatiana Nemchin 2007