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Yoga at Work
Invite awareness, harmony and joy into your work environment . Tatiana is available to come to your place of work during lunch, meeting breaks or after hours. If you would like to integrate the benefits of yoga into your work place and have a group of interested co-workers and a quiet space contact Tatiana for more information about on site yoga classes.

Private Classes 
Enhance your personal practice;
Tatiana is available for private sessions. Focusing on breath, movement and alignment, a balanced sequence of postures will be developed to suit your needs. Pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra and meditation may also be incorporated into the sessions.

Yoga Parties
Celebrate with yoga; Enjoy a yoga session with your friends or family in your home, at a park, in a studio setting or anywhere there is room. Please contact Tatiana to discuss rates & possibilities.






Class descriptions for services currently offered

Pricing and current schedule for Ishwari Yoga

Corporate and Group Yoga services and wellness programs for your workplace


See what students are saying:

"This quote made me think of Tatiana: 

To find these, she went to a lifestyle guru -- the new kind, who teaches acceptance and meditation rather than shopping and makeovers -- and there  she had a revelation: Just as she had never judged any friend by the neatness of her home, no one worth knowing would judge her that way  either!"

-- From a student    © Tatiana Nemchin 2007